Notice of Motion w/Affidavit $50 Special Proceeding Art. 70, Art. 7801-04 $150 Civil Pleadings State or Federal $200

True Paralegals of diversity

E Legal Service in Brooklyn

If you feel you’ve been unlawfully treated by a public or governmental organisation in Brooklyn or elsewhere, Gaps Solutions can help. We provide pragmatic and considerate advice to anyone who feels that a public body has misrepresented them or has suffered as a result of poor administration or neglect of public duty. If you believe this to be you, contact us on 9178896223

The Legal Services We Provide

As administrative paralegals and advocates, we’re here to ensure that the law is administered fairly and without prejudice to all. We deal with cases where the public feel their rights or freedoms have been breached, misrepresented or where a public duty has failed to be provided. We are staffed primarily by directly impacted individuals who have experienced the unfair systemic injustices of criminalization, mass incarceration and economic discrimination. All cases are unique and as individual as the circumstances and people involved so to find out if we can help, contact a member of our legal team. 

Our Team

We have a team of highly qualified experts who have spent years helping businesses and individuals protect their rights. Our experts know more than a thing or two about administrative laws. We take our clients' claims very seriously and do our best to put a smile on their face. We will work closely with our clients to understand their needs and to meet all their expectation. Our team takes the time to attend development sessions to improve our services. This website (the “Website”) is a service made available This Website provides general information related to the law, paralegals and lawyers designed to help users safely cope with their own legal needs. This website does not provide legal advice and Provider is not a law firm. None of our customer service representatives are lawyers and they also do not provide legal advice. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice. No attorney-client or confidential relationship exists or will be formed between you and Provider or any of our representatives.


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